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Welcome to our site dedicated to the world of flowers.

For many of us flowers are one the greatest gifts we can receive and equally one the fondest to give. The giving of flowers is not something new and in fact they have been given as gifts for thousands of years. We have developed a keen interest in flowers over the years and the joy they can bring to peoples everyday lives. For many of us flowers are viewed as a gift to be given from time to time. Whether this be birthdays or family celebrations these are the typical times when we choose to use flowers, when in fact they can be a more permanent fixture should we choose to let them. Through reading this website you will find lots of interesting facts regarding flowers and also some suggestions as to how to spend money on them accordingly.

As you will learn in the posts that follow flowers have a fantastic way of brightening someone’s day. The vast choice of blooms and colours mean flowers can be a gift of something personal and therefore meaningful also. Flowers have been used across the years as not only a way of showing someone you care but also as a mark of respect, with flowers being the symbol used by many charities. We hope by reading our posts here today you will be able to find some new information relating to flowers which you have not read before. We would also like to hope by reading the information here you will be able to relate to the joy of flowers a little bit more closely.

Equally we understand that many people believe that in order to give the gift of flowers a lot of money needs to be spend, when in actual fact, this is simply no longer the case. There are now plenty of available resources who can provide beautiful flowers without lots and lots of money being spent. You will discover we talk about this in more detail as you read on and also give pointers as to when spending a bit more money is probably the most suitable option. We would like to point out we are not specialists in flowers but instead have come to love them through personal experiences and the stories of others and we hope once you have finished reading all of our information you find here to day, you will start to feel the same.

We think it is important when considering any form of borrowing that you understand fully the service and product you are being offered. That’s what this section of our site is for, so you can understand all that we do and believe in. We are a UK based team who throughout the years has gathered lots of knowledge and therefore experience in what is important to you, our potential customers. We strongly believe lending should be clear and give you the options you need as a customer. We this in mind, below you will find all the facts about what we offer in terms of our product, please take the time to review this information and ask us any questions you may have.

What do we offer?

We offer flexible short term loans. This means you can apply for the amount you need to borrow via our online application form. We would always recommend you only borrow an amount which is affordable to you and your existing budget. If the car has broken down or there is an emergency bill to be paid, you should borrow the amount needed to cover this one off expense and no more.

How do I apply?

The application as mentioned above is completely online based. This means you can complete the process when it suits you. This shouldn’t take you any longer than 10 minutes and our lending team will be standing by the assist. Once the application is with them, it is our aim to deliver you with our lending decision as quickly and with as little fuss as possible. Where your application is successful we will transfer the funds the very same working day.

What are the fees?

Actually, unlike a lot of lenders who exist in the market for short term loans, we do not charge a fee for submitting an application for one of our loans. That’s right, unlike a lot of the sites you will have visited, we do not believe you should have to pay a fee for our service of applying.

How long will it take?

It is always our aim to deliver our decision to you as quickly as is possible. That said we think it is also important to understand fully that the loan is suitable for you and this can take a little time. What we will do is keep you fully up to date as your application progresses.